“Tolkien is God”. An interview with Lady Nott and Sathorys Elenorth

by Gabriel Szünder

On the 12th of September 2009, the Spanish duo consisting of Sathorys Elenorth and Lady Nott played for the first time in Romania. They stepped on the stage in Brasov in two of their musical incarnations, NARSILION and DER BLAUE REITER. If they were not the first, they are surely among the first “fantasy folk” and “martial dark wave” bands to play in Romania. Right after the last song they performed with ARCANA, the Swedish band they shared the stage with, Sathorys and Lady Nott were kind enough to share with us their views on music, the way of the world and other topics. The lovely Veronica of the NARSILION – DER BLAUE REITER – crew was a big help to us on our long and winding road from the English to the Spanish language and back.

Gabriel Szünder: Well, I  have NARSILION questions and DER BLAUE REITER questions. Maybe I will mix them up, at some point… So, about the history of NARSILION. I understand you founded a project in 1999 under a different name – LACRIMAS PROFUNDERE –  then you changed the name a few times and eventually came up with NARSILION. Is this correct?

Sathorys Elenorth: Yes, NARSILION started as an old project of mine. It was just me back then, I did some demos, but the project wasn’t called NARSILION. That project ended when I founded ORDO FUNEBRIS. We recorded two CDs under this name. Later, we dissolved the band and I founded NARSILION with Lady Nott.

GSz: So, you see them as different bands, actually?

SE: Yes, yes, yes.

GSz: In what year was NARSILION born then?

SE: 2002.

GSz: The name NARSILION is an elvish word, that much I know, but could you explain your names – Lady Nott and Sathorys Elenorth – please?

SE: It has no particular meaning; it’s just a name, an artistic name.

Lady Nott: It’s different in my case. Nott is a Scandinavian goddess, a goddess of the night. It’s a mythological name.

GSz: Would you say Lady Nott is an alter ego of yours?

LN: While I’m on stage, it’s an alter ego.

SE: Our names only exist in the magical kingdom called NARSILION.

GSz: Would you call NARSILION “romantic”, in the sense that we speak of “romantic literature”?

SE: I would call it fantasy.

GSz: Do you see it as some kind of statement against the modern world? I mean,  the whole concept of the band, based on mythological and fantasy elements, do you see it as a statement against our modern world, it’s shallowness, it’s lack of real values?

SE: Of course, of course! In this moment of our evolution, all the traditions are lost, society forgets its history, and this is our way of claiming these traditions back. Our music is our way of reaching back in time, even before time. It’s our way of showing respect for “Mother Earth”. We love “Mother Earth” in all it’s manifestations.

GSz: Tolkien is a big inspiration to you.

SE: Tolkien is God!

GSz: By the way, did you like Peter Jackson’s movies?

SE: The films don’t entirely respect the books, but still, we love the films!

GSz: Would you have liked to make the soundtrack for the movies, if you were asked to?

LN: It would have been a dream coming true for us.

SE: For the most part, NARSILION is inspired by the soundtracks of fantasy movies, like Willow or Conan.

GSz: You are currently working on a new album with NARSILION. Could you tell me about it?

SE: The name of the album will be Elenna-Nore, which means “The earth’ direction to the stars”. In elvish…

GSz: And musically, will it be in any way different from your last album?

SE: We will try to incorporate new instruments, but basically, the essence of it will be the same.

GSz: How would you explain the difference between NARSILION and DER BLAUE REITER?

SE: They are not very different. NARSILION is a vision the past and DER BLAUE REITER is a vision of the present, of life happening now, as we see it, the way of humanity, of all we do wrong and what will happen in the future if we don’t change our course.

GSz: You did this new album about the Chernobyl catastrophe. Why now?

SE: Well, this project of ours is quite new. There are a lot of things we are interested in. This time it was Chernobyl, next time it will be something different. But as far as Chernobyl goes, soon there will be 25 years since it happened and the “sarcophagus”, the “box” at Chernobyl will soon break down.

GSz: The name DER BLAUE REITER was that of a group of artists in Germany at the beginning of the twentieth century. Why did you choose it?

SE: We love art. Painting, sculpture…

GSz: Photography…

SE: Yes. Furthermore, this art movement had to suffer under Hitler’s Germany. The painters were not allowed to paint… So they had to fight for their freedom.

GSz: In your shows, the visual elements are very important. Do you think that people who only listen to your recorded music, who don’t come to your shows, still get the full essence of your music?

SE: It is possible that they are missing out on something. But our CD-s are also very conceptual. Our shows are very “martial”. Listening to the CD is a calmer experience. But they also can be regarded as soundtracks.

GSz: Is this your first time in Brasov?

SE: Yes, and it’s amazing!

GSz: Does it remind you of your home country?

SE: Not at all, it’s totally different.

GSz: Well, thank you and we hope to see you again soon!

SE: Thank you and thank you for the opportunity of playing here!